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"wrong together"


321 Stereo presents their newest summer single - "Fatal".  Produced by Mark Suhonen (O-Town/Dr. Seahorse) this collaboration represents a new direction for 321 Stereo.  Darker with a little more Grit, "Fatal" blends dance, rock & pop into a melodic, crazed frenzy of Chaotic Beauty.

This edgy, and driving pop album is 321 stereo's more contemplative side. However, elements of the fun loving stop drop and dancers still leaving you with that twist of alternative rock and and edgy flair. 

Album Notes-  This is the first album with all new originals that are written by this group. Written in a truly intimate setting and reflective of the groove that they have with one another, 321 stereo has turned out a relevant, groovy and rocking sound. This group continues to appeal on so many levels, and this album should be a treat for old fans and appealing to new ones. Produced my Mark Suhonen and innovator who pushed each and everyone in this group to innovate, create and distinguish their sound- this production is incredibly done and working with Mark allowed 321 stereo to go places they have never been before. Join the group as they take you through this fatal journey- you're gonna love every second. 


ALBUM DESCRIPTION - "Stop, Drop and Dance"

Retro Modern Pop - The best of pumping dance music with a twist of alternative rock and and 80's flair.


Album Notes - Bart Mendoza from the San Diego Troubadour describes 321 Stereo. “One of the best new wave/pop/dance bands going in San Diego today, 321 Stereo turn out amazing tracks that while all thoroughly modern, all sound like they have been influenced by the best of the 80's hits, mixing dance and new wave, synths and shufflebeats. Indeed, this group appeals on so many levels, from electronica to power-pop, their music touching on a lot of pop culture sounds.”​

The group stormed the scene back in 2009 and immediately set ablaze a fresh, fun, and infectious sound that keeps crowds dancing all night. As evident by their nominations at the 2010, 2011 & 2012 San Diego Music Awards, 321 Stereo has established itself as one of the premier pop groups in Southern California. The San Diego bred band captures the essence of the carefree, no worries, party rock attitude that “America’s Finest City” is well known for. With a group that resembles the United Nations more so than your typical rock band, 321 Stereo features quite the refreshing line up as they all hail from very diverse backgrounds. Their latest release "Stop, Drop & DANCE!" released in April of 2013 features the popular the singles "Taking Over", "Video Game" and "So Fresh" 321 Stereo is made up of Josey Williams (Lead Vocals), Patrick Dela Cruz (Drums), Tricia Naval (Bass), Raj Rajasingh (Guitars), and Allan Celio (Keyboards)



ALBUM DESCRIPTION - "Lights and Late Nights"

This fiery debut from the San Diego popsters mashes 80's dance, Electro Pop, & Infectious beats that will surely get your head bobbing & feet moving. A modern throwback to a time when pop music made you feel good & want to dance like no ones watching.


Album Notes - "One of the big things I pay attention to when it comes to listening to new bands is the kind of mood the music puts me in. & As soon as I started listening to 321 Stereo, I was convinced it is impossible to be in anything besides an amazing and upbeat mood when you listen to them. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to get up and move and it’s the kind of songs that get stuck in your head for days" - Brittney Derho B.L.D. Music Quest - August 2011

"I love the '80s! That was the name of a TV show, we think. But do you know who else loves the '80s? The locals in 321 Stereo, whose infectious brand of technicolor pop has been inspiring San Diegans to dust off their leg warmers and hit the dance floor. The band's friendly, communal vibe is reminiscent of the B-52s, and 321 Stereo's music is just as energetic. There aren't many local bands keeping the New Wave flame burning, but 321 Stereo are clearly doing something right. They were just nominated for the second year in a row for a San Diego Music Award." - Chris Maroulakos Owl & Bear Music Blog - August 2011



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